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Our research shows that developing customer service skills, behaviour and mindset in your organisation will increase customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to better financial performance.


Using our ServiceFocus suite of training courses, you can develop, refresh, improve your team’s customer service skills.

They are suitable for customer facing employees, team leaders and managers – so you can build a consistent culture of service across your organisation.

Real impact, really quickly 

All four courses have an improvement outcome for the individual, the organisation, and the customer. We encourage participants to work on live projects and actions during or straight after completion of the course, so you see a return on investment with tangible outputs straight away. 

Designed to fit your requirements 

Supporting consistency and high standards, our courses can be used stand alone or as part of your overall people development programmes. They are short modular courses with a choice of delivery methods – either delivered via our Academy or in-house by approved trainers. 

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ServiceFocus courses

Our customer service training courses – suitable for customer facing people, team leaders and managers – enable you to build a consistent culture of service across your organisation.

What is FirstImpressions?
First Impressions is a training course designed to improve the skills, knowledge and understanding of customer-facing staff. This course includes four modules, which are:
– Developing the mindset of a customer service professional
– Effective communication
– Dealing with challenging customers
– Delivering service excellence through teamwork.

“With the knowledge and understanding I have gained during the FirstImpressions sessions I have already started to transform my approach to personal and professional challenges.”

– Callie Hanmer, Customer Services, Staffordshire County Council –
What is ServiceManagement?
ServiceManagement is an interactive course for team leaders and managers. The course hones skills in engaging, developing and managing a team of customer service professionals to create a customer-focused culture. The modules include:
– Strategy and culture of service excellence
– Elements of service excellence
– Leading and managing service excellence:
part 1 – Creating and sustaining a customer focused environment, and
part 2 – Creating and sustaining a customer focused team.
What is ServiceImpact?
A short course that builds on your employees’ foundation level knowledge and skills acquired during the FirstImpressions course, or equivalent training. Based on The Institute’s unique Service Type Indicator Framework, areas covered by the course include:
– Developing deeper customer relationships
– Service styles and customer types using the Institute’s Service Type Indicator Tool
– Emotional intelligence and service focus
– Dealing with challenging situations
– Continuing professional development.
What is Coaching for Service Excellence?
This activity-based improvement course offers an opportunity for individuals who want to develop their core skills as an effective coach. Using The Institute’s own framework, the content is tailored to deal with the significant challenges faced when trying to develop employees within a fast moving service environment. Suitable for managers and non-managers, the areas covered are:
– Coaching foundations
– Coaching styles
– A coaching language and philosophy
– Continuing professional development.
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