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Interactive workshops that equip your people with the mindset, motivation and tools required to succeed

In today’s competitive business landscape, organisations and their teams are tasked with navigating a challenging external environment – from economic uncertainties right up to evolving customer expectations. Against this complex backdrop, empowering your people to adapt, learn, and consistently deliver outstanding customer service is crucial.

Our series of interactive workshops, delivered by our Academy experts, provide succinct and personalised learning experiences focused on tangible outcomes. Stay ahead of the competition by improving the skills, engagement, and impact of your teams.

Delivery and course structure

Our member-only workshops are led by experienced Learning & Development Consultants and include group discussions, breakout rooms, live chat, whiteboards, case studies and scenarios to bring the subject matter to life.

The workshops are delivered:

  • Training personalised to your organisation
  • Can be a half day or a full day
  • Personalised through emphasis with delivery
  • Full day workshops can also be delivered in-person and can include case studies and scenarios specific to your organisation
  • Groups of up 10-12 people

Please contact your Client Development Director or email us at to find out more.

  • Half-day interactive sessions
  • Join with other service professionals from other member organisations
Our member-exclusive Academy Workshops include:
Learning outcomes:
The impact of trust on customer satisfaction and business performance
The drivers and dimensions that sit behind and influence trust
Trust makers and breakers and how your organisation measures up
Trust as a key metric
The key elements that build a culture of trust
Ideal for:
People responsible for managing teams and delivering trusted customer relationships
People developing strategies and/or responsible for customer measures and other KPIs
People involved in developing brand and reputation
Learning outcomes:
The role of a ‘digital coach’
The skills of a digital coach
Different customer types and different situations
A planned structured approach to coaching
Application of skills through real life situations and case studies
Ideal for:
People engaging with customers across different platforms and channels
Managers & team leaders looking to develop capability and capacity
Managers & team leaders looking to support their teams with customer digital engagement.
Learning outcomes:
Definition of a vulnerable customer
Identifying your vulnerable customers
The causes of vulnerability
Supporting vulnerable customers in practice
The business context (the law and regulation)
Vulnerable customer policy
Ideal for:
People who are responsible for developing and implementing policy
Frontline customer service teams
Leaders and managers responsible for frontline customer service teams
Learning outcomes:
Identifying and understanding what to measure and why it is important
How to measure: insight into the UKCSI and its purpose, outcomes and impact
The must-have measures – e.g. legal or regulatory requirements
Identifying your desired outcomes & impact from the measurements you do
Using the measures and insight to improve your customer service and business performance
Ideal for:
Teams responsible for measuring customer satisfaction and maximising the use of data and insight
Learning outcomes:
Key elements of a robust complaints process
Key skills and behaviours required to handle complaints effectively including questioning, listening, positive language, emotional intelligence, empathy and solution finding
Top tips for handling complaints across different channels: face to face, on the phone, in writing and using social media
Best practice on managing unacceptable behaviour
A proactive approach – using feedback to make improvements
Ideal for:
People looking to enhance their capability and confidence around complaint handling
People who are new to complaint handling (front line or in a centralised complaints team)
People looking for a refresher of the key skills required to handle complaints effectively
Learning outcomes:
Definition of customer journey mapping and how it supports organisations
The impact of customer insight on journey mapping
Various journey types: operations, service, and complaints
Core principles and techniques of customer journey mapping
Ideal for:
People who have little or no experience of customer journey mapping or are about to introduce customer journey mapping.
Learning outcomes:
Definition & principles of root cause analysis, its benefits and what can be achieved
A 5-step framework for using root cause analysis
Tools and techniques that can be used throughout the root cause analysis process
How to influence and implement corrective action and prevent problems from re-occurring
The importance of empowerment, escalation processes and reporting to senior management
Ideal for:

Leaders and managers responsible for:

Delivering right first-time customer service/experience through their team
Customer service/experience in an operational context
Managing customer complaints and continuous improvement
Issue prevention or reduction and service recovery
Watch video
Learning outcomes:
The changing landscape from a customer, organisation & employee perspective
Employee engagement & well-being
Managing and leading hybrid & remote service teams
Managing collaboration and communication with hybrid & remote service teams
Building trust remotely
Sharing constructive feedback remotely
The Customer focus – using insight and measuring what matters
Ideal for:
Team leaders and managers with service-focused teams working remotely or in a hybrid environment.
Learning outcomes:
Definition of a challenging interaction and types of challenges your customers face
How to prepare for a challenging situation
How to deal with challenging interactions professionally, using emotional intelligence and empathy
Understanding and responding to different customer types
Practical examples of dealing with challenging interactions
How to manage yourself during and recover from challenging interactions
Ideal for:
People working in a service environment and engaging with customers across different channels.
Learning outcomes:
The key skills and qualities of successful customer service professionals now and for the future
Crafting compelling job descriptions and creating personal specifications
Attracting the right candidates in a competitive environment
Building a strong recruitment brand
Best practices for retaining talent
Ideal for:
Team leaders, managers, HR professionals, and individuals overseeing direct reports, with a focus on attracting and retaining top talent.
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