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Countdown to NCSW 2022

We celebrated National Customer Service Week (NCSW) 2021 from Monday 4 to Friday 8 October – what a week it has been! We loved the pictures and activities you shared with us! Check out our 2021 round-up for inspiration for your NCSW 2022.

The Human-Tech interface
Service with Respect Day
Effective Strategy and Leadership

National Customer Service Week is a week-long opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy.

Monday: The Human-Tech interface 💻

Tuesday: Service with Respect Day 💚

Wednesday: The Professionalisation of Service: Skills & Capabilities 🎓

Thursday: Effective Strategy and Leadership 📈

Friday: Recognition 👏

Monday 4 October – The Changing World of Work

On Monday, we examined how work culture and environment will change in the future and the implications for how we work and the balance between human and technology interface, including for skills, training, careers, organisational culture, structures and measurement.

Watch Monday’s webinar as guest panellists Francesca Rea, Director of Customer Service & Service Delivery at NewDay; David Roberts, MD of Nu-Heat and our CEO, Jo Causon, explore how organisations are managing the impact of new ways of working, whilst looking at processes, strategy and culture 👇

Let us know what your thoughts about the webinar: quick survey.

Activities and Resources

  • Run a Start, Stop, Continue survey or carry out 1-2-1 discussions to find out how your employees are adjusting to the new way of working and what could be improved



  • Run a poster competition – employees design a poster, depicting the themes for any of the days of National Customer service Week. These are displayed throughout the week and judged on the final day


  • What does the future of work look like? What does hybrid working mean in practical terms, and how will we ensure it works for employees, businesses and customers? Read our CEO Statement: Making the ‘future of work’ work for all


  • Watch leaders from discuss how they have been creative and discuss how they are managing the move to hybrid working:

Head to Head with Ant Middle, CEO, Ageas

Head to Head with Aimie Chapple, Executive Officer at Capita Experience

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Tuesday 5 October – Service with Respect Day

Tuesday is Service with Respect Day, highlighting our campaign, calling for the Government and businesses to do more to protect our customer-facing staff from rising levels of hostility and abuse. We encourage you to celebrate this day with us and continue the combat against abuse. Find out more and get involved here: Service with Respect campaign.

Activities and Resources


  • Get your Service with Respect pack – which includes a pin badge, an A6 window sticker, a T-shirt and a campaign postcard. The pack contains display items to showcase your support.


  • Run a survey or hold a meeting with your customer-facing workers to openly discuss challenging customer interactions and encourage them to report incidents in the future



  • Run a fun role-play event with employees taking turns to be the complaining customer. Use the event as an opportunity to raise understanding of the escalation process but also to help staff respond when “we can’t do that, but we can do this” when dealing with demands that cannot be met


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Wednesday 6 October – Essential Customer Service Skills and Capabilities

Our research shows that improving employee engagement and capability leads to higher customer satisfaction. Use Wednesday to help your business understand the importance of excellent service, identify key areas to develop and sharpen up your skills.

Activities and Resources


  • Be a customer for a day by walking through the process from that side of the fence – and reporting what it is really like to book a ticket, try to buy or order something online, how long it takes to have a call answered, etc.






  • Learn how Edinburgh Trams delivering excellence for Edinburgh as Dean Anderson, Customer Experience Manager, shares how ServiceMark and Professional Qualifications have helped them consistently grow their customer base, increase colleagues and customer satisfaction, reduce complaints handling and increase employee retention



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Thursday 7 October – Effective Strategy and Focused Leadership

Businesses with higher levels of customer satisfaction outperform those that underperform their industry average. Customer service should be a boardroom priority with a clear strategy in place for communicating its importance throughout the organisation.

Watch the session below: Cathryn Ross, Strategy and Regulatory Affairs Director, Thames Water and Jo Causon, our CEO, discussed the key leadership skills and knowledge required for the next year and beyond.

Let us know your thought about the session: quick survey.

Activities and Resources

  • Attend Annual Conference to hear from industry leaders and gain insight on the key trends and challenges affecting the customer experience world: Annual Conference



  • Inform and shape your customer service strategy by benchmarking against the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) results. Business Benchmarking measures your customer satisfaction, identify your strengths and areas for development, and benchmark your performance with other organisations either in or outside your sector – find out more here


  • Assess your employees’ view of how your strategy, culture and processes enable your organisation to deliver world class customer service. Members can survey their staff by using employee engagement tool, ServCheck



  • Calculate the ROI of excellent customer service by compiling evidence of improvements in service delivery – for example improved efficiencies, cost savings, extra sales, increased employee engagement, improved customer retention and recommendation. Here is a guide you might find useful: How to define and measure the return on investment of customer service


  • Involve your suppliers on this day. Our research, The Procurement Partnership, identified a frequent disconnect between the procurement team and those with customer experience responsibilities. We believe organisations should focus on building an open, honest dialogue with their key partners, to ensure all eventualities and nuances of the customer experience are considered in the decision-making process. To support this, we have created this membership information for your supplier partners which you can share with your suppliers to help them understand and recognise the key importance of customer service. Without having the same culture and values for customer experience, organisations struggle to unlock the full potential of their supply chain


  • Check out our Head to Head interview series, we had the privilege welcoming leaders from a range of industries candidly sharing the challenges they have been facing over the last year and the lessons they are taking forward with them



  • Host a Senior Executives lunch session or roundtable where they can drop in for a chat with a cup of coffee and voice ideas, thoughts and challenges. Ask them for their own thoughts about what the organisation needs to do to increase customer service and how that could affect the organisation’s reputation, trust levels with customers, customer retention, sales, profitability, success




  • Find out how Giles Hawke, CEO at tour operator, Cosmos, is ensuring customer experience is still king in the holiday sector: Saving the customer experience


  • Our organisational members can access a repertoire of our last seven editions of Customer Focus Magazine – this is our long-running publication aiming to provide business leaders insight and inspiration: Customer Focus Magazine

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Friday 8 October – Celebrate your Customer Service Heroes on Recognition Day

Given everything that has happened in the last year, it is more important than ever to recognise the individuals and teams that have gone above and beyond. Friday is all about identifying and celebrating those people that have succeeded through adversity and made a significant impact that has benefited your customers.

Activities and Resources

  • Share your achievement in customer service internally, with your suppliers and customers. If you are an accredited ServiceMark holder, display proudly today your ServiceMark logo on your social media channels. ServiceMark accreditation recognises members who have diligently worked to achieve high levels of customer service, both internally and externally


  • Ask your colleagues to vote for their Customer Service Hero in the organisation and share the winner on Twitter from 8am to 4pm on Friday 8 October using hashtag #csheroescompetition, giving an example of their achievements. We will then pick an overall winner for the day – Good luck!


  • Share praise and thanks to all staff and supplier partners via e-mail, posters, newsletters etc. highlighting complimentary comments


  • Start preparing for the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2022! Ask members to attend the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards/think about entering next year (2022 details coming soon)


  • Run your ‘People’s Choice awards’ by nominating and voting for and by colleagues – with fun “red carpet”, or Oscar style event awards ceremony at the end of the week. Awards could be, for example: Players Player, Star of the week, etc


  • Create a special newsletter, celebrating all the activities throughout the week and include recognition for winners/photographs etc. Follow up a few weeks later, detailing further outcomes from those activities


  • Hold a ‘suggestion session’: meet with your team 121 on ideas for improvement and reward the best suggestion(s) with small prizes. Make sure you follow up and ensure that in the weeks that follow, the agreed ideas are implemented and communicated to all employees

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In 2021 we again celebrated customer service during the first week of October, with a series of themes. Thanks to everyone who shared their activities with us.

We have collated some of the highlights below. We are so sorry if you have not been featured, we had too many submissions to include them all.

We hope you enjoyed the week and we look forward to seeing your efforts in 2022!

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