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Together we are so much more than the sum of our parts, and never has it been more important to come together to support each other

Our research shows that a sustained improvement in customer satisfaction will provide a £33bn per year productivity boost to the UK economy.

To achieve this – and make the UK a byword for exceptional service – we are calling on all organisations – large and small – to help build a service nation.

A Customer Service Call to Arms

What has changed over the last 10 years? We produce this video to launch our campaign to drive up customer service in the UK. It’s a look back at the past decade in order to look forward and reignite our passion for excellent service.

Pressures from changing technology, regulation and disruption mean that we need to place greater focus on ethics, sustainability and authenticity. More than ever, we need to be clear about our purpose and who we are serving and why. Customers need to be at the heart of every organisation, or they simply won’t last.

Together we are Inspiring a Service Nation. Join us in creating a service nation which drives standards and achieves sustainable benefits for your customers, your organisation, your employees and for the UK.

Let us know your stories of how you are Inspiring a Service Nation and we will share them here.

The Service Nation

Delivering service in challenging times

A Decade of Excellence

To support our Inspiring a  Service Nation campaign, We worked with one of our members, Sky, to produce this special video celebrating the past 10 years of customer service excellence. See a selection of our members looking back to look forward to what the next decade has in store.

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