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As the professional body for customer service, we work to ensure parliamentarians, policymakers and regulators recognise the vital importance of customer service in boosting the UK economy. We work to shape government policy towards supporting service excellence, whether that’s through connecting members with public sector officials, or consulting with Government departments on legislation.

Who we are

Connecting UK Organisations with Parliamentarians

We are the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Customer Service, which is run by and for Members of the Commons and Lords, inviting expert speakers and organisations from outside Parliament to meetings to provide their perspective.  

We established the APPG in July 2014 to raise awareness and understanding of customer service amongst parliamentarians, and to establish a dialogue with UK organisations across all sectors.

Find out more about our APPGs here:
All Party Parliamentary Group

Inspiring a Service Nation by providing research-based evidence

We believe that good public policy around customer service will make a huge difference to our economy, productivity levels and the UK’s standing in the world. We work with our members and senior public officials to developing government policy.

This work includes frequently responding to public sector and regulatory consultations citing our extensive research to advise and guide.  

Read our recent consultations here:

Our Manifesto to build a Service Nation

Regardless of who the electorate chooses at next year’s General Election, there is a strong need to put the service agenda front and centre of any plans for driving business productivity and improving economic performance. 

To address this, we have created a manifesto titled Building a Service Nation covering our four key asks of the next Government. It also details why we are making these asks, and how they relate to the improvement of UK business and economy. 

Read our Manifesto

Protecting customer-facing workers from abuse 

With around 60% of the UK’s workforce working in customer-facing roles, mounting abuse is impacting staff across every sector.

Our Service with Respect campaign aims to engage Government, businesses, local communities and police forces with this important topic. We continue to shine a light on this issue, with regular research revealing high levels of abuse and low levels of reporting cross-sector.

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