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Deliver world-class customer service

ServCheck is an online survey of your employees that assesses their view of how your strategy, culture and processes enables your organisation to deliver world class customer service. It also enables you to benchmark against other organisations.

ServCheck provides you with a report based on your employees’ feedback of how engaged they are with your customer service strategy.


A key employee engagement tool – ServCheck provides valuable insight about how employees feel about your service, the challenges they face and what they believe needs to be improved. ServCheck gives you the ability to benchmark with the perspectives of employees in other organisations and to assess results by different job roles or locations.

ServCheck is an exclusively available to organisational members. As part of organisational membership, you can carry out regular surveys to measure improvements over time.

Why is it important?

  • Allows you to assess your current levels of commitment to customer service
  • An important tool for employee engagement
  • Benchmark against other organisations
  • Determine systematic action plans for improving service with input from across your organisation
  • A holistic view, providing the perspective of your employees from across all levels of your organisation from front line to senior management
  • ServCheck is one element of ServiceMark – the national customer service standard

The process

A representative number of employees complete an online questionnaire rating the organisation’s conformance with The Institute’s World Class Service model

Respondents are asked to rate their agreement with each statement on a 1-10 scale

A report is produced from all responses, detailing your organisation’s ServCheck index and overall scores

The report provides the opportunity to identify areas most in need of improvement, both in themselves and as benchmarked against other organisations

When repeated over time, the results can act as a measure of progress

Your ServCheck Journey

Business Benchmarking

Demonstrate to your customers and employees your commitment to service improvement by achieving ServiceMark.

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ServiceMark is a national standard, independently recognising an organisation’s achievement in customer service and its commitment to upholding those standards.

Business Benchmarking

Business Benchmarking is a measurement of customer satisfaction that organisations can use to benchmark against national leaders in their sector and beyond.


ServCheck measures how engaged your employees are with your customer service strategy

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