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Transform customer experience through employee feedback

During these challenging times and with ever-growing customer expectations, it is especially important to uncover your employee’s perspective on improving delivery of customer experience.

Your teams are critical to the customer experience, which is key to the long-term success of your organisation. ServCheck empowers you to listen to your teams, and transform their feedback into actionable intelligence, so you can reshape and strengthen your product, performance, and drive a service culture. It is here to help you act on insights with confidence.  

Customer insights coupled with employee expertise for maximum performance

Customer experience is complex, so a holistic approach to collecting and understanding your data at every part of customer journey is key. Maximise your customer experience programme performance by taking advantage of customer insights provided by Business Benchmarking and employee feedback collected via ServCheck.  

Powered by research and underpinned by standards

ServCheck is based on the Service Experience Model and underpinned by our independent standards to ensure consistency and quality of delivery, maintenance of high standards, and a continual drive for service excellence to maximise business performance.  

Learn more about the Service Experience Model 

Why ServCheck?

ServCheck is exclusively available to organisational members. As part of your organisational membership, you can carry out regular surveys to measure improvements over time. Uncover how your employees really feel about your service strategy to drive higher levels of productivity, profitability, engagement and customer satisfaction.

Set clear business goals for your organisation

Benchmark employee perspectives in and outside your sector to understand why competition is succeeding and get the insights required to create measurable goals and impactful strategies

Get a granular overview of your performance

Understand what employees across the organisation think of your customer service strategy and measure results by roles, departments, business units and locations

Engage your teams and prevent employee churn 

Access role-based insights to help you prevent issues and identify effective training opportunities. A detailed report gives you a chance to delve deeper into key themes, sentiments, and emotions of your employees

Make data driven customer experience improvements   

You have collected the data, now it’s time to make the move. ServCheck gives you a full report with actionable intelligence, key drivers and recommendations to improve your customer experience 

Improve future employee performance through personalised plans

Partner with your Client Development Director to find out more about your employee experience goals, strengths, areas for improvement. We will help you establish a personalised plan tailored to your organisation’s needs  

Demonstrate your commitment to customer service

Let the world know that you’re committed to improving customer service by achieving ServiceMark accreditation: drive a true service culture, examine the effectiveness of your service strategy and identify areas for improvement

How does ServCheck Work?

An in-depth conversation with your Client Development Director to discuss objectives and develop a detailed plan for your organisation (or similar)  

Your employees complete an online questionnaire assessing the organisation’s customer service strategy, operational delivery, culture, and leadership  

ServCheck produces a report, detailing your organisation’s ServCheck score, and performance across the Service Experience Model’s dimensions and elements 

Your Client Development Director helps you interpret and understand the results, so you can identify areas for improvement and design action plans drawing on best practice and expertise 

Repeat your ServCheck questionnaire over time and use the results as a measure of progress and as a key KPI for your organisation 

Your ServCheck Journey

Trusted by hundreds of UK organisations:

What our members have to say

“Using ServCheck provided an ideal way of identifying how far we had come as well as showing areas to focus on going forward. We used ServCheck alongside Business Benchmarking to get a complete picture and then successfully achieved ServiceMark. The advantage of using ServCheck is that it’s an independent measure and allows a comparison with similar organisations.” 

– Richard Stanford-Beale, CX Strategic Lead, Kent Fire & Rescue Services –
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