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Introducing the Service Experience Model ®

An independent framework to help you develop, transform and future-proof your customer experience.

Consumer needs, preferences and behaviours are changing fast. As a result, companies should assess the ability of their teams to adapt, meet and exceed these evolving expectations.

Our latest UKCSI shows that 35% of customers would be prepared to pay more to guarantee excellent service. With quality becoming a more important factor in influencing customer decisions, improving standards and consistency in operational delivery should be a key priority for all organisations.

Our Service Experience Model is an independent framework created to embed the right culture and help you drive, transform and future-proof your customer experience. We help you build a service culture with the right skills for better engagement and retention rates, and define a clear strategic vision with the right leadership to drive positive change in your organisation.  

A multi-dimensional strategic tool

The vision behind the Service Experience Model

Our newly redesigned model aims to ensure consistency and quality of delivery across your organisation whilst helping you establish and maintain high standards. It is a continual drive for service excellence, maximising business performance in the long run.

What is the Service Experience Model?

A dynamic model to help you with:

  • Diagnosing issues
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategy development
  • Measuring progress through ServCheck
Key benefits :

Multidimensional view

Provides a unique multi-dimensional view of your customer service strategy, delivery and performance

Identify areas of success

Highlights areas of strength to be maximised and sustained by your organisation

Improve your strategy

Identifies areas for improvement, highlighting relevant tools and guidance to achieve successful change

Achieve service excellence

Drives improved business performance and results through service excellence

The Service Experience Model

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