The Institute of Customer Service Academy

The Institute of Customer Service Academy is a centre of excellence providing end-to-end delivery, support and solutions for customer service people recruitment, development and retention. 

Training programmes, assessment, standard setting, MasterClasses & qualifications support services

What is the Academy?

From April 2016 the Academy will provide end-to-end delivery and support services underpinned by nationally recognised customer service standards, The Institute’s experience, research and feedback from UK plc.  It will ensure that a dedicated team of experts will consistently deliver tangible benefits to organisations seeking to improve individual skills and organisational performance linked to service excellence. 

It will recognise that customer service delivery is critical for organisations’ long term sustainability and helps to develop transferrable skills and behaviours that boost performance and improve customer experience, regardless of role. 

What does the Academy offer?

Organisations will be able access the following through the Institute Academy:

Where you can find out more?

Email the team or call 020 7260 2620.

Case Studies

Laying claim to great customer service

“We had a history of investing in technical qualifications such as for insurance, surveying or engineering, but we realised we needed to look at something for customer service too.  We considered setting up our own internal scheme, and looked at various external providers – but kept coming back to the Institute as a leading customer service entity.  There were also synergies with our own continuous improvement programme, iCare.”

Andrew Jeremy Learning & Development Manager, Cunningham Lindsey
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