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UKCSI – The state of customer satisfaction in the UK – July 2022


The UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) is a national benchmark of customer satisfaction covering 13 sectors and based on 45,000 customer responses.

  • The July 2022 UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) is 78.4 (out of 100), up 1 point compared to a year ago but the same level as in January 2022
  • The trend for improved complaint handling, alongside more customers experiencing a problem with an organisation, has continued. 17.3% of customers experienced a problem with an organisation, the highest level ever recorded in the UKCSI.
  • The highest rated organisations are UK Power Networks (86.5), Timpson (86.4) and John Lewis (86.3).
  • Supermarket sales have fallen year on year. On average, supermarkets with customer satisfaction below the sector average have suffered the biggest drop in sales.
  • 35% of customers indicated that they would be prepared to pay more to guarantee excellent service, whereas just 12% would be willing to sacrifice quality of customer service to receive the lowest possible price.
  • For customers who suffer from poor financial, mental or physical well-being, the impact of an organisation failing to respond to personal needs and context is stark. These customers’ average satisfaction of 45.4 (out of 100) is 37.4 points lower than similar customers who felt an organisation understood and responded to their personal needs.
  • 45% of customers chose an organisation because of at least one aspect of its local relevance or commitment. Key aspects of localness are an organisation employing local people (22% chose an organisation for this reason), followed by support for, an engagement in the community (20%) and feeling a personal connection to the organisation (17%).
  • Customers who feel a personal connection to an organisation have a particularly high average level satisfaction (85.7 out of 100), followed by people favouring an organisation because it supports the local community (83.5) or employs local people (82.7).

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The UKCSI is based on an online survey of over 10,000 consumers, who are representative of the UK adult population by region, age and gender. The July 2022 UKCSI comprises 45,000 responses, 3,000 from each sector except for Transport and Utilities which include 6,000 responses each. Customers are asked to rate their experience of dealing with a specific organisation in the previous three months. Customers rate only one organisation per sector. Each customer can complete the survey for up to five different sectors.

The July 2022 UKCSI shows the state of customer satisfaction in the UK, with insight about key issues and trends affecting customer experience. It includes customer satisfaction results for 13 sectors and 279 organisations and organisation types and examines the links between evolving customer expectations, behaviours and well-being and customer satisfaction. We also assess the latest evidence about customer satisfaction and business performance in the Retail (Food) and Banking sectors.

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