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Today we pay our respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Our deepest sympathies are with the Royal Family at this sad time as we reflect upon a life lived in service of others.

The sense of loss is both personal and professional, and as we work with our teams to respect the national period of mourning, it is right that we take Her Majesty’s 70-year reign of service as an inspiration for our own future commitment to our shared Service Nation.

Both business and society benefit from examples of strong, moral leadership, humility and quiet influence such as that provided by Queen Elizabeth throughout her lifetime. The speed of our modern, digital economy often leads to uncertainty over changing conventions. As our teams and our customers look to us for guidance over the next ten days, I am confident that as customer service professionals our experience in behaving ethically and treating others with respect will stand us all in good stead.

Jo joined The Institute as its CEO in 2009. She has driven membership growth by 150 percent and established the UK Customer Satisfaction Index as the country’s premier indicator of consumer satisfaction, providing organisations with an indicator of the return on their service strategy investment.

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