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Extract from Customer Focus Magazine: Issue 29 (May/June 2020)

As part of our Inspiring a Service Nation drive, and in response to the Covid-19 crisis, we have created a new section on our website designed to help our members to deliver excellent service during the current crisis.

Visit our website, and navigate to the ‘Delivering Service in Challenging Times’ section for a collection of advice, top tips, interviews and videos. It’s an increasingly popular part of our website and – at the time of writing – the most read article is a collection of top tips from business leaders (mostly drawn from our pool Vice Presidents) on navigating the various challenges facing organisations right now.

There are also collections of inspirational stories from across our member network – and we invite you to submit examples of your people going above and beyond for customers. The situation is changing rapidly, and it can feel hard to keep up with the latest developments. As we move through the different phases of the Covid-19 crisis, our advice will evolve, and we will continue to publish new information on more or less a daily basis.

We are delighted to see that appetite for the work we are doing is undiminished. Based on member feedback, we are holding Trusted Advisory Network member meetings virtually and more frequently. Our CEO breakfast events and research webinars have never been so well attended, and our Westminster engagement, has meant we’ve been able to match spare member capacity with parts of the national effort currently in need. Our next All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting will be on the 18th June, enabling us to engage with parliamentarians on how the nation can continue to deliver excellent service through this crisis.

We are also about to launch a series of head-to-head interviews with industry leaders, to delve into the new reality their businesses are facing. There will be advice here that all members can benefit from. Please work with your Client Development Director, to ensure you are making the most of your membership. Feel free to email any ideas you have to us at

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