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The national standard recognising an organisation's achievement in customer service

ServiceMark is a national standard, independently recognising an organisation’s achievement in customer service and its commitment to upholding those standards

ServiceMark is awarded based on customer satisfaction feedback and an assessment of employee engagement with your organisation’s customer service strategy. It helps organisations understand the effectiveness of their customer service strategy and identifies areas for improvement.

Undergoing ServiceMark accreditation is an opportunity for organisations – of all sizes and sectors – to demonstrate the high quality of their customer service.

Your ServiceMark Journey

Business Benchmarking

Demonstrate to your customers and employees your commitment to service improvement by achieving ServiceMark.

See what else is involved

ServiceMark with Distinction Accreditation Lunch October 2019

Why is it important?

Achieving ServiceMark will help you:

  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Enable service improvement action planning
  • Improve customer retention, trust and loyalty
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Motivate and engage your employees
  • Demonstrate to your customers, employees and wider stakeholders your commitment to service excellence.

What is involved?

There are three stages your organisation will need to complete in order to be ServiceMark Accredited. The first two elements provide insight into your customer service performance:

  1. Internal assessment using our using ServCheck survey: an assessment of your employees’ engagement with your customer service strategy
  2. Customer feedback: obtained through using our Business Benchmarking survey to measure your customer satisfaction.
  3. Independent onsite assessment visit, to verify you are meeting the benchmarks and implementing action plans.

ServiceMark accreditation holders

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ServiceMark is a national standard, independently recognising an organisation’s achievement in customer service and its commitment to upholding those standards.

Business Benchmarking

Business Benchmarking is a measurement of customer satisfaction that organisations can use to benchmark against national leaders in their sector and beyond.


ServCheck measures how engaged your employees are with your customer service strategy

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