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Institute accreditation of an in-house customer service training programme

Accreditation demonstrates that your training courses meet national standards for customer service, as independently recognised by the Institute of Customer Service

As with all accreditations from the Institute, we conduct regular quality audits and review of the standards and criteria to ensure consistency and credibility of the accreditation.

Your TrainingMark Journey

The three key elements of TrainingMark are:

  1. Meeting the Institute’s professional standards
  2. Individual competence: ensuring there are mechanisms in place to assess individual customer service competence in the workplace
  3. Management commitment: ensuring the programme has sufficient strategic support from senior management

We conduct regular quality audits and review of the standards and criteria to ensure consistency and credibility of the accreditation. Training Mark is awarded once the three key elements have been benchmarked and assessed.

Why is it important?

TrainingMark demonstrates the quality of your internal customer service training to customers, competitors and employees – current and potential.

It ensures you have the tools to engage with employees through increasing professional development opportunities. Ultimately, ensuring a skilled customer service team that will help improve your customers’ experiences and business performance.


Who is it for?

TrainingMark provides independent recognition of national standards for organisations that have, or are developing, in-house customer service or call centre training programmes.


TrainingMark accreditation holders

Bristol Water
Discover the positive impact that TrainingMark had a People for Places…View full case study
Tom Arey
Watch Trevor Davis, Deputy Head of Operations, describe how Pension Protection Fund’s training programme, accredited by The Institute, has equipped their employees with the right knowledge and skills to encourage customer service excellence.…View full case study
Trevor Davis
In the fiercely competitive banking industry, great customer service can be a key differentiator. And when you're one of the giants of the industry, it's quite simply expected. 15,000 Barclays colleagues have thousands of customer interactions every day. That's why it's so important that service standards are second to none.…View full case study
Sarah McNab

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