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Being a responsible organisation is an integral part of the way we think and act at the Institute of Customer Service. As a professional body we have a responsibility to be inclusive and inspirational, ensuring that, together with our members and the business community at large, we support the Government’s vision for Corporate Social Responsibility.

It means that everything we do at the Institute promotes business activity that brings simultaneous economic, social and environmental benefits.  We also encourage innovation so that individuals and organisations can continually develop and we take an active part in supporting the local community and social causes.

We recognise that, with over 500 organisational members, we have the capability to influence, and make a¬†significant contribution to, the way UK businesses think about their customers, staff and wider¬†community. ¬†We can do this in a number of ways ‚Äď by using our expertise to influence policy, by sharing our skills to¬†help charitable work and by reducing the strain we place on the environment.


Our values lie at the heart of the Institute’s governance.  Our determination to be independent, expert, inspirational and easy to do business with is achieved through our Board and committee structures and operational management activities. The Board, which meets quarterly, is responsible for setting the goals for the Institute and senior management are responsible for their operational implementation.

Social Responsibilities

The Institute is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner and running its business activities in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way. This is achieved through the communication of a clear purpose and the operation of relevant and robust policies which ensure that any partners we choose to work with are required to demonstrate similar commitment and action.  It means that purchasing and tendering processes are based on both quality and cost and are evaluated in a fair, objective, and auditable manner that actively encourages competition. Small organisations will be encouraged to participate in the procurement process wherever possible. The logistics of delivering goods will also be taken into account, to reduce both costs and emissions.

We have also appointed an approved charity supported throughout the year that fits with our over-arching aim and purpose. Voted for by employees we rotate it annually making £5,000 a year available to the chosen charity on the basis that we have achieved our targeted surplus.

Our Customers

We endeavour to ensure that all brochures and publicity materials are clear and written in ‘plain English’ with no¬†‘small print’. We are open and honest about our products and services and tell customers what they need to know. We will be clear with our clients regarding pricing across the organisation. We have clear guidelines and terms of¬†reference for how we expect our members to behave and reserve the right to remove anyone who brings the¬†reputation of the Institute into disrepute.

Support for Employees

The Institute is committed to ensuring that it provides a motivational, fulfilling and fun environment in which to work. It focuses on recruiting and retaining the best people, recognising their achievements and rewarding their efforts. Actions that we take to ensure that our colleagues remain motivated, fulfilled and fairly rewarded include the provision of clear roles and objectives, development plans, training, a commitment to deliver regular face-to-face updates and a competitive benefits packages. We undertake an annual employee engagement survey which specifically asks employees about their understanding of our mission, vision, values and strategic plans as well as their level of engagement with the Institute. This is reported to the board.

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