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How can you make the right decisions for your business in the face of uncertainty? What will that mean for your staff, customers and company reputation?

In this insightful audio interview, Dr Liz Jackson MBE, Marketing Director at BCMS, talks to Jo Causon, CEO of the Institute of Customer Service, about the many challenges business leaders are facing in the current situation. Drawing on a wealth of experience across the customer service sector, including 11 years as CEO of The Institute, Jo describes how with an open, genuine and clear focus business leaders can bring together the ‘collective brilliance’ of staff, stakeholders and customers. As Jo rightly points out, “caring doesn’t mean not taking tough decisions.” Instead, it’s about thinking “how the decisions will land and how you can support your teams through the decisions made.”

Jo suggests that ingraining this approach into everyday business operations during this difficult period will not only help to meet immediate challenges, but also be an opportunity for a business to refocus on the long-term benefits of effective customer service. “This is a huge opportunity and can lead to new ways of working when we come out the other side.”


The Institute of Customer Service

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