Professional qualifications

Our work-based qualifications develop a set of transferable skills and behaviours to improve performance and motivation, whilst recognising customer service professionalism

Our professional qualifications recognise the attainment of excellent customer service skills, knowledge and behaviours. An Institute of Customer Service qualification measures high standards of service, enabling you to demonstrate a high performance standard, and a commitment to continuous development.

An Institute qualification develops your customer service skills and makes you more valuable to your organisation. All of our qualifications are only accessible to individuals working for organisations with current Trusted Advisory Network and Discovery Roadmap organisational membership.  To find out more, get in touch here.

Benefits for employees

Benefits for employees

  • Reflect on practical, day–to–day actions and behaviours
  • Apply your reflections in the context of your organisation and team, rather than just your own role
  • Develop a set of transferable skills that can be used across roles within an organisation
  • Flexibility: there are no rigid time limits and you can work at your own pace
  • Assessed through professional discussion rather than examination

Benefits for organisations

Benefits for organisations

  • Motivate employees and enable them to relate their service delivery to the organisation
  • Develop employees problem solving skills
  • Encourage employees to own their personal development
  • Help you meet regulatory requirements
  • Equip team members with increased skills and knowledge of customer service techniques
  • Develops consistent service culture and delivery

The Communications Qualification

Doing for today

Focusing on key behavioural skills and the wider purpose of your job role, the Communications qualification develops the skills needed to build relationships with customers and colleagues, and highlights how your role fits in with the needs of the organisation.

The Communications qualification:

  • Is customer-focused, developing employees' ability to deliver excellent service
  • Is suitable for any role and offers core skills to front-line staff as well as those managing and/or leading customer service organisations
  • Covers essential skills for those dealing with internal and/or external customers
  • Helps deliver consistent customer service in all situations, regardless of sector
  • Pro-active method of personal development
  • Employees consider the impact of their skills, attitudes and behaviours on their customers, organisation, colleagues, and their own performance
  • Starting point for other Institute qualifications

The Communications qualification can be taken on its own or with the following:

  • Combined qualifications with Solutions and/or with Innovations

The Solutions Qualification

Developing for tomorrow

Solutions focuses on the skills you need to solve customers' problems.

To achieve the qualification, you must demonstrate that you inspire confidence, are pro-active, and respond quickly to service trends and customer feedback. You must also show you are a team player who gives practical support to others to help them improve their performance.

The Solutions qualification:

  • Focuses on the customer and develops skills in identifying, creating and providing solutions for improvements in service
  • Allows employees to demonstrate they are able to work independently and show initiative to identify and propose solutions to recurring issues that impact on customer service delivery
  • Encourages practitioners to be pro-active about their own personal development
  • Ensures practitioners consider the impact of their proposed solutions on their customers, organisation, colleagues and themselves

The Solutions qualification can be taken in the following combinations:

  • Solutions on its own (provided Communications or accepted equivalent has been previously achieved)
  • Solutions with Communications (compulsory to take together if no accepted equivalent or Communications qualification achieved)
  • Solutions with Innovations (provided Communications has been previously achieved)
  • Solutions with Communications and Innovations combined

The Innovations Qualification

Creating for the future

To achieve the Innovations qualification you must demonstrate you are pro-active, flexible, creative and always looking for new ways to improve customer service.

You will need to provide examples of how you have identified, developed and implemented new service improvements, and how they translated into tangible results. You must also demonstrate how you motivate and influence others and how your improvements contribute to customer loyalty and retention as well as the future success of your organisation.

The Innovations qualification:

  • Offers continued development after Communications and/or Solutions qualification is achieved
  • Allows participants to develop, implement and evaluate customer service solutions
  • Ensures that developed skills are underpinned by knowledge and understanding that ensures employees are able to work pro-actively with colleagues to gain support for change
  • Ensures employees are able to consider the impact of the implementation on customers, colleagues, organisation and themselves
  • Encourages employees to be pro-active about their own personal development

The Innovations qualification can be taken in the following qualification combinations:

  • Innovations on its own (provided Communications or acceptable equivalent is held)
  • Innovations with Communications
  • Innovations with Solutions (if Communications qualification has been achieved)
  • Innovations with Communications and Solutions combined

N.B: This qualification builds on the Communications module – all participants must have completed Communications at a minimum or be registered for Communications so they can complete both qualifications concurrently.

The Customer Service Coach Qualification

Developing people

Our Customer Service Coach qualification recognises the valuable and skilled work that professional qualifications coaches perform.

Using coaching techniques and skills, the Customer Service Coach qualification requires you to improve your organisation's service delivery through those you coach.

The Customer Service Coach qualification

  • Focuses on customer service coaching and is aimed at those supporting individuals who deal with customers
  • Allows coaches to demonstrate they support excellent customer service delivery in others through their coaching skills
  • Encourages practitioners to be pro-active about their own personal development
  • Ensures practitioners consider the impact of their coaching on their coachees, organisation, colleagues and themselves

Customer service management and strategy qualifications

Designed for customer service leaders and managers

Our management and strategy qualifications combine customer service and management learning to improve the personal effectiveness of teamleaders and managers – and deliver tangible business benefits

Case studies

Read feedback from members that have completed qualifications

We offer several different management and professional qualifications, find out how useful they could be to your company or personal career

Training courses

Want to develop your teams skills or your own career development

Our customer service training courses - suitable for customer facing people, team leaders and managers - enable you to build a consistent culture of service across your organisation.