Bespoke Research

We can bring our independent, expert eye to your customer service. A bespoke Institute of Customer Service report brings valuable perspective, insight and advice to your customer service priorities, challenges and opportunities.

Bespoke Research Overview

Gain insight from our research and data:

  • Benchmark your customer satisfaction against leading competitors
  • Highlight trends in their performance over time
  • Compare the customer experiences of key demographic groups

Bespoke customer service surveys:

  • Applying our robust research techniques and a wealth of benchmarking data, we can provide bespoke research tailored to your customer service priorities
  • Explore new channels, a set of competitors or a specific area of customer experience such as complaints handling or online service

Workshops and presentations:

  • We can tailor a session with your team to provide a valuable opportunity to assess your customer service performance, how it compares to the competition, and explore opportunities for improvement and differentiation.
  • Get an expert perspective

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UK Customer Satisfaction Index

The national measure of customer satisfaction.

The UK Customer Satisfaction Index gives a unique insight into the quality of customer service in your sector. So you can see who's leading the pack, and how you measure up

Institute research

Insight, advice and concrete strategies to improve

Institute of Customer Service research spans key issues in customer service across all sectors.

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