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Reward and recognition of employees is an essential part of the culture and practice of a successful organisation.


This is a huge subject with many specialist information sources. However, in the customer service world, we know that employees are prepared to move employer for a very small difference in salary particularly if there are several employers located in close proximity. Therefore, it is really important that an employer monitors not only national salaries but local variations.

In addition to salary, modern practice appears to centre on offering employees a menu of benefits which can be selected based on job grade and individual preference.


This is not a ‘nice to do’. It is a ‘must’; a way of thanking employees for their individual and/or group contribution to the organisation’ activities. It is a motivator and, if not implemented, can become a reason to leave; ‘nobody ever says thank you; do they care?’

It can range from spontaneous small acts of recognition that are in the remit of any manager or team leader to an organisation wide programme with documented criteria, multiple levels of award and an appropriate judging process.

We must not forget the value of a simple ‘thank-you’ from a manager or the immediate manager’ manager.

Finally, it is important to gather information on these subjects when an exit interview is carried out on leavers.

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