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Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty with The Institute of Customer Service Trust Index

Trust is fundamental to driving satisfaction and loyalty with your customers. The external business environment is more complex, and trust is becoming increasingly important, but harder to sustain.

The uncertainty of the current environment, the variability of customers’ propensity to trust organisations and the links between trust, customer satisfaction and vital business outcomes suggests a need to re-examine the key factors influencing trust.

The Institute of Customer Service Trust Index is an independent  methodology, enabling you to measure, monitor and build trust with customers. It is a survey of your customers perceptions of how you perform across the Seven Drivers of Trust, indexed against other UK businesses, and is available to all members at an extra cost.

Independent Trust Score

A trust scorecard and full report showing your performance against the 7 dimensions of trust as stated and derived from our Breakthrough Research  

Implement changes and improve your trust levels

Work with your Client Relationship Director to implement appropriate changes based on your results

Identify areas for improvement

Learn about Trust Breakers and Trust Makers to help identify areas for improvement and understand the reasons for high and low trust

Verbatim analysis for an improved experience

Use verbatim analysis and customer feedback to help you understand the reasons for high and low trust  

Benchmark and learn

See how you perform in terms of Trust in your organisation and benchmark and learn from others across sectors

Understand the impact of trust

Monitor changes over time and understand the business impact of building trust with your customers 

Why is trust important?

Our most recent Trust Index shows that building and sustaining trust helps drive commercial performance:   

• 81% of customers are more likely to recommend a company they trust 

• 78% of customers are more likely to spend more with a company they trust 

• 1 in 5 customers have low levels of trust: on average, 20% of your customers will have lower levels of trust – this is a great opportunity for you to increase loyalty, recommendation and revenue through your existing customer base (Trust Index, March 2022)

• The highest rated organisations for customer satisfaction care about their customers, make it easy to contact the right person to help and build trust and give reassurance (UKCSI, Jan 2022) 

• The leading reason for customers to prefer excellent service, even if it costs more, is because they trust an organisation (UKCSI, Jan 2022) 


Now is a great opportunity for you to increase loyalty, recommendation and revenue through your existing customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the new Trust Index more suitable for B2B or B2C?

Both: wise B2B and B2C marketers alike should work hard to build brands that not only win attention from prospects and customers, but also win the kind of trust that results in strong customer relationships and retention.

What is the ROI for the new Trust Index?

Our new Trust Index helps organisations understand how to improve their customers’ levels of trust, which in turn leads to improved CSAT and loyalty  

When should we run the Trust Index Survey?

You can run your survey up to twice a year, as part of your regular trust survey at an ad-hoc time. It could also be conducted as a follow-up to business benchmarking for a deeper-dive in to areas for development (for example, if trust levels were lower).  

Can I use the Trust Index instead of Business Benchmarking?

You can and should use both. Our Business Benchmarking survey is inclusive of membership, whereas Trust is available as a specific deep-dive or add on to trust and gives you an alternative view of measuring customer perceptions  

How is the Trust Index score calculated?

Each of the seven trust dimensions are averaged so that each measure contributes equally within its dimension in order to create a score for each dimension. The seven dimension scores are then weighted together using the relative importance weightings from the driver analysis to reflect the contribution of each to overall trust. 

How does the Trust Index compare to the CII Trust Index?

The new Trust Index is non-sector specific, based on the 7 drivers of trust and highlights specific behaviours or experiences that are most likely to break trust 

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