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Understand your customers better with our new Business Benchmarking platform

Measure CSAT, benchmark your performance with others and identify areas for improvement – all in one place. Business Benchmarking provides a strategic framework, insight and practical tools, so you can get to know your customers better. Now available on a brand-new platform  – streamline you survey set-up from start to finish.

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Maximise your survey performance

Maximise response rate by tailoring surveys to your audience – upload your company logo, personalise survey invites and answer options

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Focus on action plans

We’ve made it really easy to set up new surveys and re-use your previous projects, so you can focus on the value of survey results and formulate action plans that will make a tangible difference

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Make data-driven CX improvements

Business Benchmarking measures customer priorities including employee professionalism, reputation, complaint handling to help you make the right decisions

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Launch surveys faster

Our platform allows you to instantly preview your surveys and test them with your team

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Drive future success

Access previous survey results and trends to understand your survey performance over time and how you can improve it

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Engage your customers and employees

Share your insight and engage staff and customers with our infographics and animated videos

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