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In the last few months, we have been inviting our members and wider network to share examples of great and inspiring customer service against the odds. Boots UK has submitted a collection of inspiring stories showcasing these examples of really going above and beyond or of service being delivered differently.

Should you wish to submit your inspiring story, please fill in this form here.


“Paula is our amazing fragrance consultant who stayed in the business to support her colleagues. She’s refreshed her healthcare training and has spent the day phoning our vulnerable patients, checking to see how they are and organising home deliveries if needed.”

– Yvonne Copley, Boots UK

“Despite the current challenges, the CHS team at store 200, have thought about the Care Home teams they serve. They’ve produced ‘with love’ cards to send to every home, so they know we are thinking about them and their residents. Wonderful colleagues and their spirit is inspiring.”

– Richard Young, Boots UK


“Mark Green from Pharmacy Retail and Operations has been recruited for PDC to support delivering medicines to our patients in the London area. Amazing commitment to support our business and local communities.”

– Angeline Norton, Boots UK


“I am so proud of my team, they have worked day and night for our patients to make sure prescriptions are ready on time. They have worked tirelessly through lunches and on days off to ensure every patient is supported and the store have brought the community together by working with the surgery to have medication delivered to the elderly and isolated. They are really doing their bit to support the NHS!”

– Ramak Farahani, Store Manager, Boots UK


“This week an elderly man fell outside the store. Disha grabbed her mask and gloves and went out to tend to him. She brought him into the store.

She spent the last hour of the day applying first aid as he had hurt his arm quite badly. She spoke to him continuously to keep him at ease until he was able to be collected by a family member.

I want to say thank you to the amazing Disha for her courage and care.”

– Nana Prempeh, Area Manager, Boots UK

Should you wish to submit your inspiring story, please fill in this form here.

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