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Angela was made Director General of Customer Services in August 2017 and her far-reaching role manages the delivery of personal and business taxation, the smooth running of customs at the border and the payment of Tax Credits and Child Benefit. Most recently, Angela has been leading HMRC Customer Services through the Coronavirus. Shifting 20,000 people to home working whilst also continuing to deliver tax services, support customers with paying tax debts plus delivering new Economic support such as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme. These new schemes have been designed from scratch at great pace and have required not only a cross-HMRC effort, but a cross-departmental response and co-ordination.

Angela is also a Tax Commissioner, meaning she is responsible for the collection and management of revenue, the enforcement of prohibitions and restrictions and other functions, such as the payment of tax credits. She exercises these functions in the name of the Crown.

Angela joined the Civil Service in 2009 following a career in Financial Services.

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