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Top tips on how and why to conduct customer surveys during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis many organisations have understandably been reluctant to run customer satisfaction surveys or research. Completing a satisfaction survey is probably not the priority for most customers at this time. By pressing ahead with a survey, organisations worry about appearing to be insensitive or out of touch. Or, if organisations have been unable to maintain accustomed service levels as a consequence of COVID-19, there is a concern that customer feedback only reflects the current context rather than the organisation’s broader service performance. However, as it becomes increasingly clear that measures to combat COVID-19 are likely to evolve but will be with us for some time, organisations need to recalibrate how they will gather and act on customer feedback.
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Keeping the customer relationship going and increasing lifetime value

Organisations need to be consistent in their approach to how they communicate internally so that they can reach customer touch-points across the entire business. This will help ensure colleagues and front-line staff are best placed to continue to deliver services, as well as any changes to services, thereby maintaining a strong and positive relationship with customers.
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Maintaining and building customer loyalty during the COVID-19 crisis

Brilliant organisations don’t do something to be seen to be doing it. They do it because it is relevant to their purpose and the right thing to do. As part of our Inspiring a Service Nation campaign – developed and launched before we knew of the impending crisis - we have been calling on businesses to stand up and be counted for the good of the country.
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