National Customer Service Week

Recognise and celebrate excellent customer service 

About NCSW

National Customer Service Week is a week long opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy.

National Customer Service Week (NCSW) takes place during the first full week in October.

2016 Themes

During National Customer Service Week each day will have a customer service related theme to aid discussion and thought leadership. See the 2016 themes below:

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Monday - Customer priorities - What are your customer needs? How have they changed?
Leaving a mark you can bank on, Barclays case study, May 2016
The Institute of Customer Service trends report, January 2016
Customer priorities in Europe, European Customer Satisfaction Index, April 2016
Customer priorities in UK, UK Customer Satisfaction Index, January 2016
Change your thinking about what matters to your customers, Dr Tom Wormald

Tuesday - Customer turnaround - Moving your customer from complaining to recommending
The challenge is to demonstrate a consistent level of customer service which builds sustained customer satisfaction, The power of service, July 2014
Laying claim to great customer service, Cunningham Lindsay case study
Compensation culture?, Customer Focus magazine, February 2016
Complaints masterclass take out, February 2016

Wednesday - Customer Service Strategy - Setting standards to meet customer needs
Planning for the future, Customer of the future, June 2016
A new look for customer service, New Look case study, February 2016
Definitions of excellent customer service, The power of service, July 2014
Top six areas for executives to consider, Return on investment report, March 2011
Managing customer insight to support the customer strategy, Dr Tom Wormald

Thursday - Collaboration - Working together to deliver results
Tertiary characteristics and attributes, Customer of the future, June 2016
Reducing and resolving problems experienced by customers, The power of service, July 2014
How one week helped BMW and Mini spread premium customer service, BMW case study, February 2016

Friday - Recognise and celebrate - Reward performance and celebrate success 
How Red Funnel embarked upon its customer service voyage, Red Funnel case study, November 2015
UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2016, Customer Focus magazine, May 2016
Customer champion judging guidance
Customer champion nomination form 

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